Michelson Found Animals x Tinder 

Role: Concept, Social Strategy, Project Manager, MFA Social

Did you know that 10% of all Tinder profiles have a dog in them? Michelson Found Animals teamed up with Tinder to celebrate #AdoptAShelterPetDay! MFA had a goal to engage a new audience (Millennials) and spread awareness about the need for shelter pets to find forever homes. We hooked up with 6 influencers (+ 2 pet influencers) to create the shelter pet Tinder profiles and spread the word. During the days leading up to #AdoptAShelterPetDay, our pet profiles were featured in-app on Tinder -- those who "swiped right" on puppy love were served a CTA about how they can adopt. Users who were geo-targeted within the local areas of the two Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shops in LA were given info on how they could come in and meet/adopt that specific pet!

The Results:

  • Over 12.5M in-app impressions
  • 927,159 people "Swiped Right" & over 22K clicked through to the Michelson Found Animals website (2.39% click rate)
  • Influencer Posts over-delivered projected Reach/Engagement with 2.3M in Post Reach & 2.83% Engagement Rate (aka their followers were really diggin' their new furry friends!)
  • Earned Media in Time Out, College Candy & Latina 
“This woman called us asking if Tank (our chunky monkey of a chihuahua) was still available because she saw him on Tinder. She came in later on in the day and met with him and decided to adopt him! They got him a bunch of awesome gear so he could be comfortable in his new home and they renamed him.......... TINDER! - because they matched!”

— Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop Culver City