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VFILES wanted to create more content for their YouTube channel that connected with their audience. Knowing that they already had several series geared around fashion, street style, and music, I saw an opportunity to tap into another lens of fashionable street culture: dance. After doing some research and interviews with street performers, I met the WAFFLE dance crew, who started off by dancing on the subways. (They totally did not kick you in the face when they did all those flips...) What I found was a story of brotherhood, perseverance, and entrepreneurship when making this short docs-series. Dance became not only a medium of expression (like fashion), but a vehicle for a future beyond their neighborhood. 

Role: Concept, Producer, Director

Sadie Jane Dance

The world of children and teen dance clothing is full of booty shorts, bra tops, and girls lifting their legs up past their faces. It tends to celebrate prodigy children who were born with crazy flexibility and can do a bazillion turns. With Sadie Jane, we decided to stand out in the space by creating content that instead celebrated dancers being unique, kind, and positive, regardless of skill set or trophies.

In the Workout Wednesday Series, we created weekly content that celebrated wellness while also being approachable for all ages and dance abilities - even moms could jump in on the fun! Each week we put out a video and a challenge (from burpees to bear crawls to dance offs...) for our community to do with us! We shared across social media channels and used a hashtag to generate UGC. The series featured several brand ambassadors, including Sofia Wylie, who now stars in Disney's Andi Mack! Since our first season of Workout Wednesdays, we've seen other larger brands in the category copy the series and mimic our brand ambassador program.  

In the Lexee series, we created several content pieces featuring influencer Lexee Smith styling Sadie Jane outfits with her own unique flare in a campaign to launch a new 90s-inspired line. 

Sadie Jane Dance : Workout Wednesday Series
Role: Concept, Writer, Director, Producer

Sadie Jane feat. Influencer Lexee Smith
Role: Director, Producer

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