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Hello, there. I'm a creative strategist who is hungry to tell meaningful stories that can move the needle for brands. I'm originally from Atlanta and moved to New York to attend NYU and pursue dance professionally. (Yes, tap dancing and all that jazz!) I graduated from NYU Gallatin's interdisciplinary school with the concentration: "Creative Revolution: Visual Culture and Social Change" where I was really intrigued by which campaigns, movements, and films actually drove impact beyond a PR cycle. While dancing professionally, I worked as a social media manager for 5+ years before transitioning into social strategy full-time. I became much more engaged with the campaigns I was dreaming up than auditioning for someone else's show. (I mean perhaps if Hamilton was my idea it would be a different story...)  When I'm not going down rabbit holes looking for what makes people tick, you can find me planning my next obscure beach bum adventure. 

Currently: Just wrapped up a position with SHOPTHAT; seeking full-time work with an agency or brand.